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      Hangzhou HeT Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.

      2010-6-16 14:35| Views: 10485

      Hangzhou HeT Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. (aka Hangzhou HeT), a subsidiary of Shenzhen HeT Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. (aka HeT), was founded in April 2010 through the Hangzhou Binjiang City Investment Program. HeT designs, develops, services, manufactures and markets home appliances intelligent control. As of now, it is the biggest intelligent control solution provider in China.


      Since HeT’s founding 10 years ago, the company has captured domestic markets as well as Europe and America markets with its excellent R&D and operations power. HeT became publically traded on May 11th, 2010, in Shenzhen.


      HeT has products covering home appliances, health products, electric tools, smart constructions and interiors, car electronics, etc. Our partners include famous companies, such as, Electrolux, Whirlppo, Siemens, Indesit, Airwell, Pnasonic and more. We are extremely grateful for this tremendous growth for the past decade. We look forward to the next decade with hope and ambition.


      As HeT continues to grow and expand, we welcome talents everywhere and join us for create a better future.


      Phone: +86 0571-88921686

      Fax: +86 0571-88921917

      Address: 88 Jiangling Rd., Building 3, Ste. 601, Binjiang Dist., Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Prov. China.

      Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. ( ICP 06028608 )

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